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It is Mr. Labbe, a French man, who invented this solar camera. He is both an expert on electronics and software. He started to create some products since he was 15 years old (in 1970’S), at that moment he needed to make the PCB by himself with his mother’s nail polish, he created a LED clock 25 years ago which is still working, he built a webcam system for home, he created weather station for himself, he built solar charger for outdoor, he invented solar water level detector for water bag which will be publish by French magazine ELEKTOR.


For the story of this solar camera: it was 4 years ago, he wanted to add to his weather station a camera from the balcony where he could see the weather when he was not at home. But there was no power supply on the balcony. So, he began to develop some camera based on wifi webcam powered by solar panel. As the consumption was too high, he had to make a control board to power the webcam only when the picture uploading wanted. The picture quality was not good at all, so he decided to use a smart phone .He has developed several versions of control board, spent hundreds of hours for writing the software and finally he had a good solar camera working well on the balcony. Later, when some friends saw it, they were interesting in different application. He realized that it can bring something which didn’t t exist to other people and he begun to create a website. Some people asked me to build some for them and we started like this. After he spent a lot of time to design the weatherproof box, the solar panel, and now there is a final good looking solar camera.


He wanted to share his product with other people who have the same needs, to monitor some sites like for surfing, for skiing, for paragliding, and some people also want to see their  villa/house far away. With this product, you don t need to be bother by the charge of the battery, or to take care of the rain or coldness or heat. Even if the battery completely discharge, the control board will manage a safe restart.


An alarm version exist, with person detection based on infra red (people heat) but the current version can only take and send the picture 90 seconds after the detection.





Design center:Lille France 



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