Most asked Questions

Do I need to charge the camera?

No, you just set it and fix it on a place then you can receive the pictures, no need to charge or turn it, just be sure it will not be stolen if it is outside.


What is the frequency of the picture uploading to the server?

You can choose, it can be every 4 hours, 2 hours or 1 hour. But the minimum time will be one hour, 30mins or 15 mins which depends on which camera you will choose.


Where the pictures can be put?

1.Drop box


3.Your own server for website display

4.Our server if limited number of pictures

If you choose our server, it can be always with the same name (only keep the last one) or different name to keep historic pictures


What will happen if there is no sunshine for a long time?

The camera will reduce the frequency when the battery will be too low. The worse case is, if the battery is empty (weeks without sunshine), it will automatically restart after the sunshine comes back.


Whether the solar cam can take video?

No, as our camera has low consumption of energy design.


Whether the solar cam can take picture in the darkness?


Is there the function to detect the movement and take a picture and send to the website?

The present one cannot, it is coming soon in next year


Is there a return policy?

Yes, we can change the camera for free if it has problem in three months, after in one year we can repair it for free, but the precondition is that you don’t damage it by yourself. And you have to pay for the transportation.


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