Before Choose

What network do you want to use?


2.GSM 2G/3G


What frequency do you want to receive the picture which guides you to choose which camera?

1.≥1hour   small solar camera

2.1hour≥ ~ ≥30minitues  bigger solar camera

3.30mins≥ ~ ≥15minitues   bigger solar camera with external solar panel


What exact frequency do you want to receive the picture with this information we can set it inside the camera?

1.One hour, 2 hours,3hours, etc.

2.30mins, 45mins, etc



Where do you want to put the pictures?

1.Drop box


3.Your own server for website display

4.Our server if limited number of pictures

If you choose our server, it can be always with the same name (only keep the last one) or different name to keep historic pictures. If you choose 1,2 or 3, just let us know the address.


Design center:Lille France 



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